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What is LORAWAN 868 technology and how does it work?

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless communication technology designed to support long-distance data transmission between IoT (Internet of Things) devices and a backend network. The 868 MHz frequency is one of the frequency bands used by LoRaWAN in Europe.

Here’s how 868 MHz LoRaWAN technology works:

  1. LoRa (Long Range) Modulation: LoRaWAN uses LoRa modulation, which is designed to enable long-distance communication and penetration into dense urban or industrial environments. LoRa modulation operates on ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequency bands and offers high signal sensitivity.
  2. Network Structure: LoRaWAN follows a star or cell hierarchy network structure. The end devices, known as terminal nodes or end nodes, communicate directly with a LoRaWAN gateway station. Gateways forward data collected from end nodes to the backend network, which can be hosted locally or in the cloud.
  3. Long range and low power consumption: LoRaWAN is designed to provide long-distance coverage and reduce power consumption, making it suitable for IoT applications where devices must operate on long-lasting batteries.
  4. Applications: LoRaWAN is used in a variety of IoT applications, such as environmental monitoring, resource management, smart agriculture, smart cities, and more.


In summary, 868 MHz LoRaWAN is a wireless communication technology that offers an efficient solution for long-distance, low-power connectivity for IoT devices. Its adoption has grown, especially in scenarios where traditional connectivity might be difficult or expensive.

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  1. Reduction of interference
  2. Simple and easily understandable typology
  3. Free license
  4. Low energy consumption in data transmission
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