Software and remote monitoring systems for water networks | Advanced Solution

Remote control

Simplify, unify and manage
meter reading activities

Remote control software for the unified management of meter reading activities.

The remote control software for the unified management of meter reading activities is an advanced solution designed to simplify and optimize the meter data collection process. The intuitive interface facilitates navigation through the various features of the software, ensuring easy access to critical information and facilitating the execution of meter reading activities.

This tool offers the ability to control and monitor meters remotely, allowing operators to acquire data without the need to be physically present on site. This translates into an increase in operational efficiency and a reduction in the need for field interventions.

The software can integrate with a wide range of meter technologies, including smart meters, traditional meters with communication modules and other advanced sensing devices. This flexibility allows the software to adapt to different environments and network configurations.

Advanced data management allows you to manage large quantities of information from meters in real time, facilitating the analysis and processing of the information collected. Advanced reporting capabilities provide detailed insights into energy consumption and other relevant parameters.

To ensure the safety of sensitive data during transmission and storage, the software implements robust security mechanisms, including end-to-end encryption protocols and advanced authentication.

Finally, the ability to easily scale to manage an increasing number of meters, while maintaining the flexibility necessary to adapt to changes in infrastructure and operational requirements, makes this software a complete and advanced solution to optimize the data acquisition process and improve the management of energy resources.

New generation smart meters

equipped with a radio frequency communication interface and operating on license-exempt LPWAN network infrastructures (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) (wireless M-BUS, Wize, LoRaWAN)

LPWAN infrastructure

Smart meters operating on cellular network infrastructure and cellular LPWAN (2G, 4G, NB-IoT)

Traditional meters operating on free frequencies

Traditional meters equipped with radio frequency communication modules for Automated Meter Reading and operating on free frequencies (868 MHz, 169 MHz)

Traditional meters with optical reading

Traditional meters with optical reading and data transmission via self-reading services or via smartphone application

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