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Core 169 wireless concentrator

Welcome to the world of efficiency with our Wireless Concentrator, Co-Re 169, for LoRa 169 communication. Our innovative remote reading system stands out for its operational simplicity and safety, committed to optimizing water resources and preventing waste in the network. The heart of the system is an advanced telecommunications structure that uses LoRa technology as the primary physical layer. This unique device is designed to establish direct and reliable communication between the Nodes and the Gateway, ensuring flawless information flow for optimal service delivery.


Concentrator operation

  • Host to Concentrator Communication: A Host computer transmits instructions to the concentrator over the network.
  • Sustainable Power Supply: The concentrator, powered by solar panels, operates in complete energy autonomy.
  • Instruction Transformation: Upon receiving the instructions, the concentrator effectively converts the command into small radio signals.
  • Transmission to Devices: The signals are transmitted to the water meter and valve affected by the instructions.
  • Execution of Instructions: After receiving the signals, the meter and valve perform the required actions precisely.
  • Response to the Host Computer: Once the action is completed, the counter and valve return the result of the operations performed to the Host computer, ensuring immediate feedback.
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